NLC Logistics offers a full range of logistics and supply chain solutions that ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction,
arrows Flexible and Customized solutions adapting unique customer requirements.
arrows Coordination : Tracking , Monitoring , Scheduling ,MIS
arrows Best of breed WMS : module blocks that can be customized as per requirement,

Flexible Reporting

arrows Storage and Handling : secure storage , product care, Inventory management
arrows Configuration and Assembly : Technical specification changes, Market specific

Localization, Software upgrade

arrows Kitting and Packing: In line Packaging , Co Packing , Labeling , InkJet printing
arrows Order fulfillment: Receive & Process orders B2B , B2C
arrows Returns Management: Reverse inventory flow , warranty management, perform

Product Triage

arrows Personalized Service. Dedicated Account Manager.
arrows KPIs: Record and monitor time-based activities for Service and performance


arrows On line access to accurate inventory management

Achievement of customer satisfaction involves all staff and all employees are individually responsible for the quality of their work and are encouraged through dialogue to actively participate in understanding and meeting the needs of customers. NLC Logistics regularly reviews its operations, as stipulated in the Quality Management System, to ensure compliance with the policy, with the continuing aim of meeting our customer requirements by actively improving our performance in accordance with standard for Quality management.

NLC LOGISTICS Added Services

NLC Logistics seeks to go beyond the traditional storage and retrieval services of a typical warehousing services provider. In addition to the state of the art facility supported by the most up to date systems and equipment, our philosophy is to assist the principal by offering a variety of value added services.

These value added services can manifest themselves in a variety of offers. This document outlines some of the services NLC Logistics have undertaken and are undertaking on behalf of the NLC Logistics client base. The services range from physical handling to systems integration and encompass all industry segments.

NLC LOGISTICS Transportation

A key component to the success of an organization is to maintain a dynamic and flexible business system infrastructure, process design and engineering, implementation. NLC Logistics strategy includes continuous investment in sophisticated management systems.

NLC LOGISTICS Our Warehouse Management System

Exceed 4000 version 3.6 – provided by INFOR was awarded the world’s best warehouse management system by the renowned Gartner group. NLC Logistics IT department manage the application of the software and identify new opportunities to create additional functionalities to the system by customizing for new business requirements

BLC LOGISTICS Online Services

Information Utilization & Visibility Technique – E–Commerce

NLC Logistics provides various methods of E- Commerce activities and data connectivity with the client’s computer systems. These include online inventory management access through secured username and password as well as electronic data interchanges